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Title: Version 2.3.0 Released
Post by: bluemonkmn on 2017-02-20, 09:53:54 PM
This version represents a relatively significant SGDK2 release, primarily introducing some real-time lighting features. Although there is no flashy demo included in the release, there is a new "Lighting Patterns" template that will help people get started with the new features, as well as a new tutorial to manually walk through each feature related to lighting from scratch. I've posted a video walking through and taking a look at the features available in the Lighting Patterns template project: ( See a full list of what's new in SGDK 2.3.0 at the what's new page in the online documentation (

Title: Re: Version 2.3.0 Released
Post by: Vincent on 2017-02-21, 07:07:34 AM
Very cool!  It looks terrific and I really like the fact that it opens up new possibilities for exploration games.