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Title: Roboninja unclutterd
Post by: bat on 2006-09-07, 07:16:55 PM
i guess i should explain wut i've been thinking about doing in the game (i feel like, or rather am a vaporware guy, but hey! i really am going to finish this game... REALLY!)

ok... i'm going to have a ninja dude that walks to the right, has an aimable (while moving)  shuriken (ninja throwing star) and has to defeat groups of robots, that lay communication devices used to take over the world, and after 2 or so scrolling levels a boss comes in. I hope to have a "real world" kind of interface, where you can actally just jump into a car or something and start driving it, or be able to walk into any ramdom building you want to.  So, i guess it's sort of going to be a side scroller/rpg.
(not exactly like, but close to Zelda II: the adventure of Link) Hopefully the ninja character will be able to double jump and karate fight too...

(this is REALLY off topic, but y did the fourum mangaer not put the afro  ( :) ) face on here?)
Title: Re: Roboninja unclutterd
Post by: sam on 2006-09-30, 06:58:37 AM
cool game

and about the afro thing...LOL
Ive thought about that before...come back afro man...come back..