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Title: New Game
Post by: sam on 2006-10-09, 07:39:05 PM
Well...Screw Speedy Turtle 3...Im givin' up on that series...(although eric22222 Im gonna use your music in my new game).
My new game's about this little green martian thing...I might redo him because I made him quite a while ago...I was so happy with it's walk cycle back then. Now I don't really like it. But I did some graphics...(The little plant that will only get used like 5 times throughout the whole game took me like 30 mins! and it doesn't even look good...). No storyline yet..I don't even know what's going to happen in the game. All I've got planned really is the martian guy is super small so the background and objects are really big compared to it. If you've got any ideas on what I should put in this game thatd be appreciated (sp?), I have very little creativity.
Haven't really decided on a name yet.

I've got a couple of problems already...
1) The pencil is in the background, but it is also a sprite. A 'platform' sprite. The character can jump up and walk along it easily, but when he doesn't jump he goes behind the pencil. How do I fix this?
2) Normally I would avoid this altogether and make it so you don't get to walk on the tip of the pencil but I don't want to. I'd rather script around it or something. When you get to the tip of the pencil you float... There isn't a way to solve this without scripting is there? If there isn't could somebody give me some guidelines about scripting around it? Thanks in advance.

Here are some screens:


Title: Re: New Game
Post by: cbass on 2006-10-09, 11:21:10 PM
off the top of my head.  have some kind of special function with the player-pencil collision that destroys and remakes the playersprite.  putting him as the last sprite, so he is drawn last each frame (on top).  Or just make is a series of tiles.

as far as walking down the incline of the pencil.  My only solution would be to make it out of tiles and place accordingly with the apporoprite uphill downhill types established.  While leaving it a single sprite, I can think of no simple way to script the effect you discribe.
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: durnurd on 2006-10-10, 08:00:41 AM
The problem is that the pencil sprite is drawn after the player sprite.  This could be for several reasons, but the most probable is that it's further down the sprites list.  If you simply remove the player sprite from the list and recreate it in the list again this would solve the problem, but you'd have to redo a few things having to do with special functions etc.  You would also have to redo the "Player Sprite" in the map dialog.
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: sam on 2006-10-11, 01:48:27 PM
Ok thanks a lot :). Im sure Ill be posting many more problems here throughotu development.
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: sam on 2006-10-11, 03:54:36 PM
yeh...I couldnt think of anything other than sod to put on top of the erasers so he wouldnt float...If anyones got ideas I could use someone elses creativity.. ;)
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: bat on 2006-10-12, 11:10:34 PM
paper clip?  another pencil?  pencil lead?
btw wut did u draw those in? they look nice  ;)
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: sam on 2006-10-13, 01:48:23 PM
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: eric22222 on 2006-10-13, 05:13:04 PM
I would've guessed TS for the grass and dirt, but that pencil looks really nice.
As for the top of the erasers, you could always make it flat on top. Like, instead of doing /\, you do /[]\.
My second idea for that is having the erasers come to a point. Those parallelogram-shaped erasers would normally form a flat top unless you flipped them around. Then they'd come to a point.
Title: Re: New Game
Post by: sam on 2006-10-13, 07:03:19 PM
oo good idea...although i think im a little too lazy to change it