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Off-Topic / Re: Nintendo Wii
« on: 2007-11-27, 12:22:43 PM »
just you wait till Medal of honor heroes 2 comes out.. 32 player multiplayer is a must :D

Off-Topic / fortress 13
« on: 2007-11-13, 02:44:14 AM »
I was originally making this with sgdk2, but i ended up moving no to blitz3d, so the 'projects' forum no longer applies, so.. heres the title picture i've recently made, its not finished yet, i need to fix some of the shadows, add more blood and a bit more content, but this'll give you an idea..

as for game development progress:

basic engine working, player can run accross screen - need to add bacground and obstacles

Off-Topic / Re: What's the best 2D game ever created
« on: 2007-11-13, 02:39:39 AM »
anyone ever play flashback or another world? they are!

ok then, i'll make a new topic there, glad your ok with it :)

My apologees go out to anyone interested in the project, and especially the creators of SGDK2, but i have decided to take this project to Blitz3D, as i had already learned the lanaguage by experimenting with the demo, and i have been given blitz3d as a gift. i think i will still keep sgdk2 and use it for some other projects, but as for fortress 13, i'm afraid thats a no. if anyone is still interested in the project i can post a link when i have something to show for it, but i think that wouldnt be very appreciated would it?

Projects / Re: Codename: PaperBoy
« on: 2007-11-06, 05:15:21 PM »
i thought that was in the 'tools' menu

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: error ><
« on: 2007-11-05, 08:02:13 AM »
really? ok thanks alot! great, now i can continue my learning so i can make fortress13 :D

*edit* aha! success, thanks alot, thats got to be the quickest support i've ever received, kudos to you!

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: error ><
« on: 2007-11-05, 06:11:47 AM »
ok done, i called it tutorialKrazyKain i think. just for the record i DO have DX9.c and the .netframework.

you can definetly consider this a 'real' project, i'm just trying to figure out SGDK2, but i'm sure i'll end up using that

*edid* oh my mistake, the facility is actually called COMPLEX 13 not fortress 13.. but i think i'll keep the same game name anyway, sounds more.. big.. scary.. somehow...

could imply that its security is like a fortress or something

Projects / Re: Codename: PaperBoy
« on: 2007-11-05, 06:02:49 AM »
oh fair enough i guess, its just when its on your own website, people arent garunteed to have SGDK when they download your game

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: error ><
« on: 2007-11-05, 06:01:25 AM »
thats pretty much the entire error, i'll replicate it later and see if theres any more info i can give you

Help, Errors, FAQ / error ><
« on: 2007-11-05, 03:43:55 AM »
making the tutorial program to get the hang of SGDK2, and when i debug (step 136) i get this error "Process id=0xbc4 (3012), Thread id=0xe80(3712)"

I'm very sure i followed the tutorial down to a T so... any ideas?

Projects / Re: Codename: PaperBoy
« on: 2007-11-04, 03:35:32 PM »
why not make it into an exe?

probably 2 after i experiment with it, i dont know if its 'stable' (beta!) but i announcd here cos the 2 forum looked a bit... well... dead

and yes i will resize it :)

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