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Projects / Re: Manic the Hedgehog
« on: 2012-12-13, 04:22:18 AM »
it worked yesterday evening and now also. but there's not much to do, is it?  ;D
I just see the first few tiles and then there's a bottomless pit, on which's bottom I can walk around.

On an unrelated note, the last notification email about the thread's update was going into my Spam folder.  :(

Projects / Re: Manic the Hedgehog
« on: 2012-12-11, 07:53:25 AM »
i can't connect to your hoster, doesn't seem to be the very best.

Projects / Re: Sequence Editor
« on: 2012-12-09, 05:39:15 PM »
wow! absolutely awesome! I want to see that demo :)

News and Announcements / Re: New Google Ad Running Through July
« on: 2012-12-06, 05:22:14 AM »
hey, next time when you'd like to ran an ad, I'd be happy to help you out by making some nice slides/pictures for your ad  :)

Projects / Re: Sequence Editor
« on: 2012-12-05, 03:53:37 PM »
oh my, that sounds great! what happend to this?

Off-Topic / Re: How are you all doing?
« on: 2012-12-05, 03:30:47 PM »
Thanks Vincent, good to hear that you finished your game! What have you been doing all the time?

On saturday we had the monthly game jam, and I participated the first time since 1,5 years ago. Sadly my Windows copy hadn't arrived in time, but I told a friend there about SGDK2. He downloaded it right away, let's see if he does something with it.  ;D When he told me "it's available for Mac!" I was so eager to get it, but it turned out that only the unlinked OS icons sit below the download buttons  :(

Today I actually managed to get it installed on my Mac, man, never knew Windows could look so damn sharp. But now the programs look really really tiny. The next step is to copy all my data from the my old computer... which is a task I don't look forward to. But I will definitely try to run Mistraal again.
Oh and I read somewhere that the need for .NET will make it impossible for me to run Windows in a virtual machine, I have to use Bootcamp (start from the Windows partition). I guess that's true... ?

What was your question about C#? SGDK2 has always been C#.

Oh, no question. I was just suddenly excited because I thought I could maybe get the coders interested in it. It would be really nice if I could get people to use it. I probably will do something with it at the next game jam.

One note about my user experience when installing SGDK2: the Requirements on your homepage say .NET 2.0 is needed. When I ran the SGDK2.exe, it told me to go and download .NET 4.0, but the download link to Microsoft leads to a 404. After successful installation I ran the .exe again and THEN it told me to go and get .NET 4.5.
It would be nice if the page was updated.  ;)

Off-Topic / Re: How are you all doing?
« on: 2012-11-27, 06:04:51 AM »
Let's see, I could submit Mistraal maybe. Problem is, if I open it in any SGDK2 version newer than from 3 years ago, it throws errors and I have to dig in to fix them. It happened to me with every new version so it became bothersome.
Also I have these giant tile sets for the wind flows and a flawed earth tile set with lots of tiles that almost look the same but have these small details that need to fit together.


Off-Topic / Re: How are you all doing?
« on: 2012-11-26, 11:21:23 AM »
Can people use iota to build their own games? not only improving the one that is already online?

Off-Topic / Re: How are you all doing?
« on: 2012-11-26, 11:09:19 AM »
Uh, wow, I just had a look into iotaBuildIt. Pretty good idea! I don't fully agree with "people are too busy playing to build games". Everywhere I walk I see meetups of hobby game builders pop up. Two fellow students opened an Indie game studio together and are now pretty busy to organize game events in their area (Halle/Leipzig). Now there are regular meetups and game jams.
The situation in Berlin is of course a lot more intensive, with all its universities, private game schools, hackers, devs and so on. We have a monthly mini game jam (1 day). I don't really participate, but maybe soon  ;) And then there are more events during the year, I don't know, game jams over a 3/4 days, homebrew conventions, worldwide jams etc.

So, does it mean I could open Mistraal and export it as an HTML5 game? that would be awesome! I never liked it when I have to download and install games just to try out someone's idea. Is Mac supported? I recently changed my platform.

Why did you chose TortoiseHG? I fiddled around a little bit with Github (it was some kind of workshop) so it's not totally new to me. Maybe, with all of this development, SGDK2/iota would be just the right thing to be used in a game jam! There are always some devs working together with an artist. I could propose it. C#, you said? Maybe the tool of choice for artists that would like to collaborate and don't have a dev, or wouldn't need to with this solution.

Off-Topic / How are you all doing?
« on: 2012-11-26, 07:16:17 AM »
Hello, this is Tanja, I thought after a few years of vanishing I could pay you a visit :)

Sorry for leaving so suddenly after I drained so much of your time for my student project Mistraal. I am deeply grateful to everyone who dedicated their time to my problems, and I know, I had a lot. It would have been the least to give you some download of it, but the truth is, the game was never really finished and is still in the state of some lonely demo level. I feel guilty of taking so much of your ressources and didn't give something back. Well, at least the blog still exists and points to the SDGK.
I didn't develop it further because I constantly ran into problems coding the features I wanted (due to my lack of coding + math knowledge). Then, after the big presentation at the end of the semester my projects tend to get dusty....

Well, after some years now I decided I need to learn more about coding and math in general. I found this awesome online class on about Python, and every week you develop a mini game like Guess the number, Stopwatch, Pong and so on. I don't care so much about the language than the understanding of concepts and math. Right now I'm writing this post to procastinate starting the Pong project  ;D

I finished my studies some time ago and work now in Berlin, Germany as a visual designer (freelancing). Life is not bad at all.

How are you guys doing? Would love to hear from you :)

Off-Topic / Re: Yay!!
« on: 2010-02-01, 08:54:33 AM »
the last few days i just relaxed a lot... playin games for hours, watching movies, sleeping in the afternoon, going shopping.... it's fun!
but, seriously, this whole decision making and job searching will be very tough...

Off-Topic / Yay!!
« on: 2010-01-30, 03:46:00 AM »
Hey guys,

yesterday i received my Diplom! I am now a qualified designer  ;D
just wanted to tell you... and the rest of the world!! the last 9 months were a really hard time, but finally it's over and i can start to a new level in my life ;-)

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: FAQ List
« on: 2010-01-09, 09:30:37 AM »
mh, can't remember right, it's been too long. but there WAS a question that was asked a hundred times... the solution was just to have one specific rule right after another one. you even called it yourself the nr.1 question  :laugh:

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: FAQ List
« on: 2010-01-09, 04:58:47 AM »
most asked question: why does the player goes through walls?  :laugh: (at least i think this was it.)

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Layer questions
« on: 2010-01-09, 04:56:43 AM »
hide and show is possible, bluemonk (or durnurd?) once wrote a script for me. i don't have it here, though.

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