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Off-Topic / How are you all doing?
« on: 2012-11-26, 07:16:17 AM »
Hello, this is Tanja, I thought after a few years of vanishing I could pay you a visit :)

Sorry for leaving so suddenly after I drained so much of your time for my student project Mistraal. I am deeply grateful to everyone who dedicated their time to my problems, and I know, I had a lot. It would have been the least to give you some download of it, but the truth is, the game was never really finished and is still in the state of some lonely demo level. I feel guilty of taking so much of your ressources and didn't give something back. Well, at least the blog still exists and points to the SDGK.
I didn't develop it further because I constantly ran into problems coding the features I wanted (due to my lack of coding + math knowledge). Then, after the big presentation at the end of the semester my projects tend to get dusty....

Well, after some years now I decided I need to learn more about coding and math in general. I found this awesome online class on about Python, and every week you develop a mini game like Guess the number, Stopwatch, Pong and so on. I don't care so much about the language than the understanding of concepts and math. Right now I'm writing this post to procastinate starting the Pong project  ;D

I finished my studies some time ago and work now in Berlin, Germany as a visual designer (freelancing). Life is not bad at all.

How are you guys doing? Would love to hear from you :)

Off-Topic / Yay!!
« on: 2010-01-30, 03:46:00 AM »
Hey guys,

yesterday i received my Diplom! I am now a qualified designer  ;D
just wanted to tell you... and the rest of the world!! the last 9 months were a really hard time, but finally it's over and i can start to a new level in my life ;-)

Off-Topic / Pirate Party
« on: 2009-08-13, 08:14:52 AM »
Since the Pirate Party is active in pretty every country, I would like to know, do YOU know them? And what is your opinion about them?

Off-Topic / Please help to fight censorship in Germany!
« on: 2009-06-14, 02:20:28 AM »

You might have heard about the German federal government planing to establish a censorship system for the internet. Superficially speaking, they tell you it is to fight child pornography, but they are already thinking out loud about expanding this instruments. Sites about Ego-Shooters have already been announced to be the next target. File sharing sites will surely follow.

A lot of people stood up against it, by signing a petition to the German Parliament ("Deutscher Bundestag"). The right to sign a petition is granted to everyone by our constitution. This means there is no restriction to age, citizenship or residence. So even you people out there in the other countries can sign it, if you want to show, that you do not want a democratic state to employ instruments of censorship. Sadly it's not that easy, since the e-petition-sytem ist only in German.

But please visit the website linked above, for there is more information in English, the text of the petition AND a video showing you how to go through the german procedure to sign the petition!

AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AS FAST AS YOU CAN because you have only time to sign until 16.06.09!

Off-Topic / Pixel Joint anyone?
« on: 2009-05-04, 02:24:59 AM »
has someone here an account?
i am Morgengrauen:

Off-Topic / Attack of teh Bots!!1
« on: 2008-11-15, 07:32:47 AM »
anyone noted how many new "members" this board got the last few days?

Off-Topic / Spore
« on: 2008-09-28, 01:07:55 PM »
has anybody got spore?  ;D

Help, Errors, FAQ / detect sprite in range
« on: 2008-09-05, 04:33:39 AM »
durnurd made once this useful ShootInRange-sprite, which detects the player when inside a certain range. i would like to make more sprites than that, but i don't get the used code functions entirely. could someone explain me what the functions do and what all the expressions mean? i mean, i KNOW somehow what they do, but i fail in customize them. simple and plain english please?

Code: [Select]
// Get Nearest Player Sprite
         playerIdx = this.GetNearestSpriteIndex(ParentLayer.m_SpriteCategories.Player);

// If in range horizontally
            if (((((System.Math.Abs(this.x-(ParentLayer.m_SpriteCategories.Player[playerIdx]).x)) < (HorizontalRange))
                     && ((System.Math.Abs(this.y-(ParentLayer.m_SpriteCategories.Player[playerIdx]).y)) < (SolidHeight*2)))
                     && ((System.Math.Sign(state*-2+1)) == (System.Math.Sign(x - (ParentLayer.m_SpriteCategories.Player[playerIdx]).x)))))

so is the parameter HorizontalRange supposed to be 0? if i increase this number, will the range get bigger?
(unfortunately, i inserted the sprite, but i won't shoot  :(  i downloaded the sprite template again and inserted it into the sample project, but it isn't working here anymore)

Help, Errors, FAQ / error: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
« on: 2008-09-02, 11:56:40 AM »
today i used the computer of my friend. there i used sgdk2 like normal (until one strange display error which cause we coudn't find,
i run the exe of the file i worked on yesterday, and a fat error came. than i opened an elder version of Mistraal, and the same error came. there is something wrong here, really.

i wrote a custom code object i want to share with you. you can download it here:
using it will provide a function you can add to any sprite. the sprite will then be carried away by conveyors, quicksand, lava, rivers etc with the speed you specify. everything is explained in the pdf-manual with a lot of pictures. i hope the english is not so yoda-ish this time.  ;)

i am open to all suggestions and tips.

Help, Errors, FAQ / attempted to access ... on inactive sprite
« on: 2008-08-22, 02:26:49 PM »
hi there,
my player drops seed when a button is pressed. if the seed touches the ground, it can be collected again. that works wonderful all the time, as long no one drops more than one seed in one spot. than this message comes  "attempted to access PixelX on inactive sprite". the seed sprite has some rules, they are very simple. after be touched the sprite is deactivated. so i don

Help, Errors, FAQ / Arrays
« on: 2008-08-17, 11:46:11 AM »
i thought i could manage some things with arrays.
for example:
there is a new custom code document called "personal arrays". it holds three empty arrays, named "Marco", "Daniel" and "Joshua". There are three NPCs named the same way. If the player talks to them the value "tree" will be pushed into the array of that NPC. The arrays are used to store global values for various uses.

a friend of mine wrote arrays in PHP, i wonder what the correct C# syntax would be.
Code: [Select]
$marco = array("tree","topic1");
$daniel = array();

what of these components do i need in the head of the custom code? (using System; using System.ComponentModel; etc.)

and would it look like this?
[code]namespace CustomObjects

public class Talking_Array

      public static void PushIntoArray(??? string my_value, string my_array)     // i don

Game Development Artistry / copyrighted graphics
« on: 2008-08-17, 10:42:22 AM »
well, of course it is not allowed to use ripped graphics (like Zelda-, Sonic- or Super Mario-sprites) in a game which is meant to be sold.

but how is it with homebrewed games? tiny little hobby productions, never meant to make profit? i think it is forbidden, too, since it is copyrighted material. but i also think that there is little risk for the homebrewer using the graphics, because the big companies mostly don

Help, Errors, FAQ / Gamepad crashes sgdk2.0
« on: 2008-07-19, 01:47:53 AM »
i bought a gamepad, it is this one:*112419/action*2563;jsessionid=3CA5C8ABA49EE0F1857D9EBEF1A290F8.tomcat_de_lin33?lid=12
after pluggin it in, some versions of my game give an error while starting. the old ones run okay, some middle version give a small error, and the newest give the big error message.

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