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Off-Topic / Genetic Algo, Please help
« on: 2013-10-26, 08:46:12 PM »
Wrong section: but it's the only section that I can see:

Does anyone see any issue with this code?

(This isn't my homework, by the way, it's something unrelated)

It's supposed to be generating a series of triangles similar to this article:

I know the American flag is complex, I've tried it with a solid color image and it works well (Nearly perfectly), but trying it with an image of the American Flag, Darth Vader, or even a photo of Adam Sandler makes the program fail to work.

Thanks, SGDK2 Community.

EDIT: I've seemed to have found the heart of the problem!

But I don't understand why it's a problem.

I want to get/set the DNAA for a particular Polygon instance using this.DNAA and this.child.DNAA, but for some reason, JavaScript sets every DNA member to the value that I say for every Polygon Instance in the Population array when I do so, why is JavaScript doing this? In my fight() function, whenever I set the DNAA value of this.DNAA, the browser console is telling me that for all objects in Population, their DNAA is also being set to my value automatically.

My main question: Why is it that whenever I try to set the value of this.DNAA, it just ends up setting the value of all of the DNA arrays for every Polygon Object in my Population Array, rather than just setting it for the Polygon Object I'm trying to reference with, "this". I can get all other members of my Polygon Instance with "this.v1" or "" but for "this.DNAA", it throws errors.

(DNAA is just an Array<Number> of size 3.. Once I can set the DNA for specific instances of Polygon, rather than using a shared DNA pool for all Polygons, I can end up with distinct colors, rather than a jumbled mess of all of the colors on the screen.)

I'm reading up and it says that JavaScript isn't good with instances, that there are only singletons in JavaScript. That's funny, because for every other member of my Polygon class, getting and setting instance-wise is working fine, but for DNA, it seems to be failing severely.

Another area that I can't understand is why my Array.splice method doesn't work as expected. It's removing certain Polygon instances that honestly, shouldn't be removed from my list. The underlying code is right, but the splicer is splicing the wrong objects from my collection.

Help, Errors, FAQ / ReactToPush
« on: 2013-07-22, 05:41:11 PM »
As the title says, why does ReactToPush not work in HTML5?

The Datasheet says "No" and my game just hangs there because of a break in the script using IE's F12 developer tools.

Edit: additional information- my purpose is to create a sprite category that pushes itself out of the way of other instances in the same category, currently the end result is a group of sprites walking in a tandem line, something that runs great in the C# code but not in the HTML exported project. a good visualization would be soldiers walking in line.

Are there any alternative ways of going about that? I'm looking through the HTML datasheet and I'm noticing a good amount of the rules that would probably use reflection or passing by ref (JavaScript passes by reference automatically, right?) aren't supported or are just untested.

Projects / Project Galaxy Devlog
« on: 2013-04-18, 10:42:11 PM »

If you want to know what my game is about, I have an older thread where I post official updates (Such as downloads)
This will be frequently updated and only shows minor changes.

Suggestions and changes are welcome, I'm not sure how close I am towards a release, anything that seems close is actually far considering the time needed to complete it.

Change 1 I've made a rotating voxel overworld map for the game. It still feels incomplete.

Change 2
Okay, now I remember that in my other thread the concept of a GoArrow was unpopular. But I'm using multidirectional Go Arrows. It can become easy to get confused or lost in such a large game world. I'm using the GoArrow to give the player the instructions of the possible directions they can choose- nothing linear. It's flashing colors and making a loud and urgent noise. What do you all think?

Change 3
I've also finally added the code that allows our hero to change his outfit completely. He's sporting a gabardine sweater, one  of the first clothing items

Thanks for viewing!

Help, Errors, FAQ / Rotating around origin for framesets.
« on: 2013-03-16, 06:30:22 PM »
Simple question:

Is there a way to use the FrameSet Tweening Wizard to rotate around the origin point 0, 0? I need to get 360 frames of a graphic rotated around the origin point I the frameset editor, (0, 0)

When I use the frameset tweening wizard now, it rotates around a point that seems to change, I need a point that is constantly 0, 0.

The only way I see to do this is to manually do it (This can't be the only way, right??)

This is what I want.

Help, Errors, FAQ / JIT Debugging
« on: 2013-03-04, 04:00:08 AM »
I want to fix some issues that I'm having within the IDE, and to debug SGDK2IDE I would need to build SGDK2 with JIT debugging enabled as well as adding

< jitDebugging="true" />

to the configuration.

..From what an exception window tells me.

Could you build SGDK2 with debugging enabled, bluemonkmn?

EDIT: Fixed the issue (If you have a frameset that appears first in the frameset dropdown with a frame size larger than 1024, you'll get an exception when trying to create a new tileset)
But I was just lucky this time, I might have an issue in the future that I might need to fix. Could you still build it with debugging enabled? :)

Help, Errors, FAQ / SGDK2 through WinRT Issues
« on: 2013-02-05, 09:25:10 PM »
Made a game for a class project for SGDK2 (I've been so busy working on graded games that I can't even work my own), ported it to windows 8 as a metro application running with html5 under winrt and it ran great.

The problem is, it didn't fill the entire screen. There was a portion of the map that wasn't drawn to, despite the resolution.

So I've been looking into the SGDK2 code for html5 projects, how exactly is the screen size handled?

I've set the canvas that html5 draws to into a viewbox container div,

The viewbox scales the entire game, but doesn't remove the undrawn space, and scales that too. This leads me to believe it may be SGDK2 related.

Is there a better way to scale the canvas by a preset factor? Resolutions don't seem to mean much in HTML5 Export.

Has anyone here touched Windows 8? It's remarkably easy to convert a SGDK2 game to a metro app, inside of VS 11 or VS Blend.

Added to that, Scrilla (Typo?) Construct has an export to Windows 8 Metro feature. This could be added easily to SGDK2, right?

Projects / Manic the Hedgehog
« on: 2012-12-10, 01:14:59 PM »

I made this for a local Game Jam in November.

It wasn't finished but I did raise some brows :)

press down and space to spindash

I'll probably work on it after Child of Streams 2.

(I can host HTML5 projects now that my web hosting is more reliable)

Off-Topic / DRM
« on: 2012-11-29, 04:57:17 PM »

I've been advertising SGDK2 on the forums that have topics on this

Help, Errors, FAQ / Source GraphicSheet for Framesets
« on: 2012-11-22, 10:08:51 PM »
Hey, I just had a monumentally brilliant idea,

Now I just need to know how possible this would be, but would it be possible to change the graphic sheet that a frameset was defined to use at Runtime?

The graphic sheets are the same size. I just need to change them at runtime.

I might have asked a similar question before.

General Discussion / SubLists for Graphics and Framesets
« on: 2012-10-19, 01:08:58 AM »
Would it be a burden to ask:

If SGDK2 could feature sublists for managing Graphics and Framesets? Instead of all Graphics and Framesets falling under "Graphic Sheets" and "Framesets"?

That way I could create a category under Graphics Sheets called "Car Graphics"

Create all Graphic sheets of a certain type inside of it

And collapse/expand it whenever necessary without having to collapse the Graphics Sheets listing?

It helps things become organized when you have a a large amount of graphics.

Projects / Project Paradigm
« on: 2012-08-07, 05:38:03 PM »
Alright. This thread concerns my game, and it's basically me throwing ideas around and eventually posting my builds here.

Tigsource is way too crowded and I don't want THAT attention for my game until the halfway to completion point (Which is why my only devlog will be on these forums, mainly because I also feel as if I can get more trustworthy, personal opinions to my work here, not on a website geared towards thousands of developers without a unified toolset, or even platform goal.)

For now, I'd like to start this thread with questions.

Most of my concepts are from the greatest platforming non-linear 2D sidescroller of all time (To not be close minded if you know of anything better, I'd love to try it) Castlevania Symphony of the Night (If you haven't played it, it's a fairly long game, so unless you have the time, don't plan on beating it in an afternoon, but if you don't have enough time, I'd say the closest thing to it was Vincent's amazing Legacy of Kain SGDK2 game, which not only plays like it, but shares graphics with it.) I believe that SotN was a great game, but the concepts that it was developed on (Non-Linearity) but I think it it didn't go far enough. It's a great concept, but it can be taken even further with the addition of RPG elements from popular MMORPG games, such as a tasks/quest system, a clan system, and a system that incorporates vivid NPC interactions. )

Alright. So for the game I allow there to be 2 options. Host and Join. Each boasts 2 gameplay modes. Story Mode, and Custom Mode.

Story Mode has advantages:

More Bosses
Longer Storyline
Different abilities and weapons able to be found.
More tasks.
More Map Accessibility
At the current moment the protagonist of Story Mode has voice sound effects, which can be heard when jumping, taking damage, etc.

Story Mode also has Disadvantages
No leveling (Meaning you only gain strength from equipping strong weapons, and defeating bosses. This removes the need of grinding.
Inability to posses clothing items
Certain abilities aren't obtainable.
Static character- meaning that the clothes and appearance of the character is constant.
No replay value (I'm planning on making the file "lock" itself so that the player can't continue to play after the game has completed itself)

Custom Mode has advantages:
Leveling System: Basic RPG EXP leveling system.
Creating your own character to your tastes.
Specialized skills.
Ability to wear clothing and armor items.
Replay Value (Ability to continue gameplay after the game has finished)

Custom Mode has disadvantages:
Less tasks
Less Map Accessibility.
Certain abilities aren't available.
Silent Character: No sound effects for your character. You posses a silent character.

There's reasoning for all of this. I wanted Story Mode to focus on the story- NOT RPG elements such as defeating hundreds of the same enemies to become stronger. This is contrary to any metroidvania- but the best way to describe it would be Richter Mode of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. You gain strength boosts from defeating bosses, or equipping stronger weapons, but not minor enemies.

I don't have the time to record sound effects for all possible custom character creations, as I'm still wondering how I'll do effects just for the storyline.

Some portions of the game and items drive the main story along, which is why I only allow them to be accessible in story mode.

Another idea I'm thinking about is for quests in the game that require you to reach a certain location.

I want to add one of the "GO GO" arrows that points in the direction that you have to travel to complete a job. It's retro, but I figure that it should work out nice in a metroidvania. I want them to be AS ANNOYING as POSSIBLE. GoGo arrows have always been a favorite of mine in beatem ups. I hope they become just as useful in a metroidvania.

Yet another question I had.

I'm positioning the camera so that the player sees the majority of what's ahead of them. Similar to real life, (Where you only see what's ahead of you) I figure that this might add to the suspense of certain areas (I have it now so there's an area where you enter and hear a loud sound behind you)

I want to add a feature that lets the player see behind them as they run, (For example, pressing left while running right would allow them to run in the right direction but the camera should slow down to show what was behind them.) I think I could just record what input was being pressed first, and then go from there.

This wouldn't be annoying, would it?

Does this seem logical? Are there any other ideas you see for each?

(By the way I composed 2 tracks, I'm learning how to compose tracks on the side and I'm progressing away from MIDI tracks, they're pretty decent quality OGG files.)


Need to add- say, the AudioVideo plugin that played videos in the DirectX SGDK2, would that work in this version? I was thinking of doing something like AVI to OpenGL Texture, but it's terribly challenging to do (Remember I'm not great with OpenGL :D and I'm sure there's a better way)

Projects / Unnamed Graphics Set
« on: 2012-07-29, 08:19:21 PM »
Ok, so on another site (TSource), some guy asked me to help out by submitting graphics for his whatever MMO game/project that he has no starting point.

(Like everything else that I've submitted, this only took me a day :D )

So I made something simple to start him off. (I'm really just planning on doing this and this only. I never thought that game development could ever be boring and mundane, but when you're making any amount of graphics for someone else's game, it gets that way fast)

I made a HTML5 template to showoff the graphics in action for him to see:

Here you can find the Sample and Graphics in a directory

Not sure how this affects anyone, but there aren't many HTML5 projects in SGDK2 out yet... I might as well just show what I had.


Help, Errors, FAQ / Box2D Rope
« on: 2012-07-16, 02:18:32 PM »
Odd place to ask, but does anyone here have experience with rope physics in either Box2D or your own engine?

I would love to have a SpriteBase class such as RopeClass that uses Box2D physics to act as a rope. I really don't want anyone to necessarily do this for me, but I'd love to know the:

Method for having a custom SpriteBase Class extension that uses Box2D rather than the default physics

Implementing some form of chainlink mechanism so it acts as a rope (I see vague documentation on this)

Help, Errors, FAQ / Dither Brush
« on: 2012-07-06, 02:32:34 PM »
Yet another question. Can there be a collection of dither brushes to the SGDK2 graphics editor? This would simplify the task of hand-dithering graphics.

A variety of pixel pattern brushes would attract a large amount of pixel artists and simplify the task of dithering. It shouldn't be too much of an issue to add, right?

Help, Errors, FAQ / OutOfMemory Exception When Building
« on: 2012-07-01, 10:58:32 PM »
There isn't much to say really. When I try to compile my project I get an OutOfMemory Exception.

Monitoring my Performance: 4GB of Memory, when building my project and it reaches 2.03GB and claims to be out of Memory.

Is there a way to break up an SGDK2 Project in smaller parts? I've checked on the internet for this and a large amount of people have this error, they usually claim to either 'hack' visual studio or break apart their solution into smaller pieces.

This puts a major stilt on my plans. I'm only finished a very small part of what I need to be, a very large game. I really can't afford for this to happen, especially when my Physical Memory Usage monitor is CLEARLY telling me that there's still more than enough memory free.

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