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Off-Topic / Re: Make free easy cool flash based web sites...
« on: 2009-12-17, 04:59:15 PM »
Oh,  :-[, haha, That comment was just me throwing in something to test the comment box with. ..Guess it works! I'll delete it right away. Sorry, it was never meant to be seen!

Off-Topic / Re: Make free easy cool flash based web sites...
« on: 2009-12-16, 05:00:57 AM »

Some more work has been done to that other SGDK flash site that I've been playing with. It's come to my attention that this big flash disaster-piece I've been working on is not running on some computers/browsers.  If you get the chance, try it out, see if it works at all, and see if it runs decently (fast) for me please.  There's a comments page that you can use on the site if you wish...

My next tower of babel is making it searchable by google (and other..). So far no dice.
Here's the only search that works:

...and it involves the word wix, so that's no darn good!
...and you can see here:
...that is was "crawled" by google on Nov.28, so, something is awry!

Anyway, I'd be a bit happier if people can run it!

Off-Topic / Re: SGDK-XNA ...Cool or not cool...?
« on: 2009-12-11, 05:16:36 AM »
@TonyX...Hope ta see ya back in 2010! I need your XBOX expertise!

Oh, hey Vincent. Yeah I'm still gonna do it - for sure. But 'tis the season to not have much time on the computer!
I'm hoping the rubber will hit the road in January. (That's my new years resolution!)

I have all my ducks in a row, and I've got some plans drawn up (I have a big stack of papers here in my desk with sketches and scratches!). I haven't actually done really anything with the SGDK project itself. I've been evaluating and gaining experience with some of the other utilities that SGDK-X will use. It actually has taken more time than I originally thought to go over these utilities with a fine tooth comb and make sure the capabilities I require are complete and bug free, and play nice with all the other stuff.  (And just when you get comfortable - they release a new version..!)

But most of that is done. So once the HO-HO's over it's time to throw down.

(Actually I've been busy playing little big planet too. Just looking at that game gets my creative juices flowing!)

Any questions or ideas/feature requests? ...I'm still very open to ideas!

Meantime - I guess it's not too early to say... Merry Christmas to all you hard working scrolling game developers! I hope Santa brings you a million dollar game idea! ;) ;) ;)

Off-Topic / Re: Make free easy cool flash based web sites...
« on: 2009-11-28, 08:59:53 AM »
Yes sir..?
text of a flash-based site get indexed by Google

Well, humm, I'm sure that I'm missing the point. But the "Indexed by Google" part is provided by Wix. They have a common SEO in play (search engine optimization (with tags) in play. I never filled out the SEO section for this site, but I did another test and provided some unique SEO and when I went back and googled, it showed me my test site - first page too!

Text of flash? Humm, You mean like if flash doesn't exist - display a regular text version instead? If so?, Ive seen some such thing before. I can't say for sure, but I'd say it'd require a "premium" account with premium support, and premium effort.

Does this site run like pooh for you? It kinda does for me too! LOL, but it's loaded with SFX. I suck and design! It'd run/load beter with a stagnant background, etc.

Not sure if I responded to your questions, but there is some to chew on for now.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Player Tracked by Turret
« on: 2009-11-27, 09:43:05 PM »
Hey, MJRNightmare:
   I just wanted to welcome you to the forums. Glad to see you're getting a good start. I'm sure someone more qualified than myself will be along to answer your questions shortly.

Meantime I can throw $.02 in on:
Also is c# Express the way to go as far as editing .cs files? I see you can open projects in Express, can you compile them as well? Any special setup required?

Unless you really plan to grab sgdk by the horns and write some heavy custom code, you'll probably not need to be concerned about using c# express. (IMHO).  ...But c# express does offer a very powerful code editor for anyone doing alot of coding. Also, one of the main reasons to use c# express may be to have a debugger.  There should not be any special setup required. Just install c# express and double click the .csproj file.

I'm sure there's more to the story, but that's a quick two cents for ya!
Good Luck!

Off-Topic / Re: Make free easy cool flash based web sites...
« on: 2009-11-27, 07:36:35 PM »
Humm, I just had a good session on Wix. I started from scratch and came up this:

Not so bad for an hour or so's work!

(I'm not redesigning SGDK website, I'm just playing...)

Off-Topic / Re: Zelda Posters from Club Nintrendo
« on: 2009-11-23, 06:01:41 AM »
If it was me I'd find a frame to fit them. Should be able to fine one big enough out there somewhere.

Good luck.

Ahh,  :-[  :-[

LOL, I wondered! Thanks for clearing that up!

Off-Topic / Re: Google Chrome OS? Good idea?
« on: 2009-11-21, 07:48:39 AM »
If not a good idea - it's a fresh idea! I can't find anything to hate about it. I'd have to wait for a desktop edition before I can get excited though.
The fact that it's free helps!
Should do well - but only as well as NetBooks... ;)

It's an interesting start for the goog though - in their quest for world domination! ..Fire the "laser"   ???

Thanks Rubix Cube and Tanja!
Well this just sucks! I'm completely in love with Ghost, but now I'm too scared to use it!

Ever heard of Big Brother, Law?
The Show? Unfortunately yes! My GF is a big enough fan for the both of us! ...Which is good because I don't have to watch it! ;)

Oh well, for me I'm gonna think it like driving a car. If you thought of the risks you'd never leave the house. I'll treat my online ghost activities with the same good precautions that I use with my local OS. Hopefully I won't have an accident!

Anyone else brave enough to drive their cars online shouldn't miss Ghost. Check it out! (Remember "ghostlaw" sent ya!!!)
Thanks for the posts!

LOL, I just love it! Thanks Tanja. This is what excites me most about my post! I love how there's such strong opinions against doing everything online. We all know it's what the future is heading toward, but it's not for everyone, is it!?? (I'm mostly talking about online activity/storage/backup now.. in general., not just g,

Tanja, would you mind elaborating on what exactly makes you uncomfortable about it?

Is someone gonna jack the Amazon .com building with ski masks on and physically steal or damage the machines that our data is stored on?
Is someone gonna bust the encryption and hack in via software?


Is your physical backup gonna get lost stolen, broken damaged, burned, "dog ate my homework", etc?
Is someone gonna hijack your personal computer via software?

Hummph, You tell me!!?? I don't want to form an opinion. Nothing's 100%, but online backup is fantastic  in addition to traditional physical backup.
I don't feel safe anywhere really. Everything we do with our computers is risky?! Would it be safe to say that our login info when we log into sgkd forums is at a similar risk?  It's not exactly the same, but its you keying in sensitive data and sending it "out there" on the web. ..If I wanted it I could get it..! (well not me, but someone qualified!) ...(similar risk meaning --not much risk..!)

I'll be as bold as to say that I feel Mac computers are only considered more secure because they don't have a huge windows (popularity) sign on their backs. I can't help but feel that if Mac was *flip ...reversed market share with windows, I feel it'd only be a matter of time before people figure out how to hack a Mac. ...or any other operating system for that matter. ...Essh, that's a bold statement I know! Don't hurt me too much for saying it...! :scared:

Any-who, my little hacking theory could fill a book (or, two, or three, etc), and people could (and have) had a back and forth about it for ages!

Anyone else feel as negatively about it all? <-Cloud computing? Storing Online? 

Yeah, TonyX, that was from the handy friend invite thing that it has. I had it mass email everyone on my hotmail for me. Sorry, I'm excited about making a few referrals and getting some more storage space.

So to be clear, so that this doesn't end up seeming like a bogus gimmick post,  I'm posting with another of my many web tools (I think I'm up to quite a few now...!). Just so happens with this one - if you like it, you can do me a favor and score me some extra storage space - is all!

LOL, yeah I should expect that it's not for everyone. That "some internet company" happens to be Amazon in this case (they host the storage)
While I can't blame anyone for not wanting to use online "things" like this. If you read into it more you may find that it's just as secure or more secure than your local system - but with different pro's and con's I guess. Nothing is 100% I suppose! (That youtube link I gave with the CEO has him talking briefly about the security of it all).

As for the passwords, of course, using their browser is optional and storing your passwords is optional too. Actually it may not even be supported - it's more about the cookies i guess. (I haven't payed much attention to it yet).

But thanks for the opinion! Its neat to know just who is and who isn't happy about this "way of the future".

Off-Topic / Now this is WILD!!! Get a free virutual computer...
« on: 2009-11-14, 07:22:06 AM »
Wow, I found a doozy of a website yesterday! Its a free virtual computer (actually an operating system) that you can login to from any browser (mobile too) on any computer anywhere in the world! It actually is an operating system (or works hard to pretend!), complete with some games and apps for media and productivity and other. It also has it's own built in browser! It's weird thinking about browsing with a browser in a browser, but the idea is portability. All your settings in the os and the browser are saved to your storage. So the desktop and the browsers cookies and settings will all be available to you from any computer. This way you can have your own personal desktop just the way you like it and a web browser that already knows you (saved passwords, etc) Plus you get 15GB of storage to store your stuff on. Add in a built in email (which allows you to forward your other email accounts easily), built in buddies and IM's, sync and sharing with your buddies, and more - I'm in!

Since they have a "refer a friend" program in play, if you sign-up I'd appreciate using me as "refered by". This will give me another 5GB of storage! It'll ask you once you confirm your email and you get to the account options screen. Just paste in ghostlaw  (right in the edit window that has after it)

Check it out and watch that little video they have. It's called Ghost:

I'd also strongly suggest having a look at this video: .It shows the CEO of Ghost who seems to be a smart cookie!

Happy Cloud Computing!  :)

Off-Topic / Re: Unreal Engine 3 Free For Indies
« on: 2009-11-13, 07:01:32 PM »
Yeah, That's awesome stuff! I've been drooling over it for a little while now, but my computer doesn't have enough horsepower to run it  :(

I sorta feel bad mentioning competition on sites like this, haha, but, while we're at it the amazing Unity is now free (with a few asterisks here and there!)  ...Oddly they both went free at about the same time...!?

We live in exciting times!

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