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News and Announcements / Re: New site
« on: 2011-05-13, 01:04:04 PM »
1. The requirements are something that the user should be aware of before downloading.  In addition to listing them in the side-bar, maybe it would make sense to duplicate the requirements section from the about page on the download page. Have a sub-section on the Downloads page for "Requirements" with introductory text like "Before downloading, make sure your system can fulfill these requirements."  We can leave the requirements summary in the side-bar too (like you already do), but I just had that thought while looking at it.
Sounds good to me.

2. It would be nice if the screenshots were more prominent.  Since they form a relatively narrow list, do you think it would make sense to put the screenshots in the side-bar, to give the side-bar some more purpose?
Also makes sense to me- perhaps thumbnails in the sidebar than can be clicked to see the full size image?

3. In my version of the site, I actually have a file called which is included in all the other html files.  They're actually .shtml files so that I don't have to maintain the navigation links independently on each page.  Would it be practical to do the same with these pages to include a common navigation bar, and possibly the portion of the the side-bar that doesn't change?  Details of all the formats supported by SourceForge are at   Details about shtml format are at  If you don't have a way to test .shtml files, I can probably implement that part myself.
Both the nav bar and the footer are .php files. They are included in every page via a line of php. There is no need for .shtml, Sourceforge supports php. It would be a good idea to make the sidebar an include as well.

4. Now that the "About" information has its own page, I don't think I need the "Important Information" heading.  The sub-headings by themselves will suffice.  I can change that just as easily as you, though (after I get the site).
OK. I'll  remove it.

5. Do you happen to know a good way to automatically include RSS feed/links on a page?  Then I could just have the RSS feed instead of manually adding news links, right?
Yes, I can write a php script to do that. I also have a sort of barebones php-mysql CMS that I wrote for my blog that I could incorporate if you'd rather use that. (functionality for adding, deleting, and editing news entries via an admin panel, automatically updates rss feed)

Also, I just noticed that the bold formatting of the text at the beginning of most of the news items was lost.
I see that, I will fix it.

News and Announcements / Re: New site
« on: 2011-05-12, 02:51:58 PM »
I added the screenshots and a link to the documentation in the nav bar.
Should I add the About the Author stuff into the About page or still have it as an extra page (linked to in the nav bar)?

General Discussion / Re: SGDK2 Website
« on: 2010-06-06, 05:25:38 PM »
Hey, it looks nice. I might be interested. Is it easy to learn? Do I need photoshop to create the site?
You'd be best off editing it in photoshop, though Gimp and a few other programs will open and allow you to edit psd files.

Thanks Jam and SmartBoy.

General Discussion / SGDK2 Website
« on: 2010-05-25, 09:56:47 AM »
Hi all,
Lately I've been messing around a bit in photoshop trying to design a new layout for the SGDK2 site.
I've become a lot busier recently and it's been getting neglected so I decided to post my mockup here and see if anyone else would be interested in working on it.
If you are interested at all please contact me and I'll send you the .psd file.

Game Development Artistry / Re: Are these graphics any good.
« on: 2009-02-01, 07:25:45 PM »
whoops...fergus should be spelled with an s.

Game Development Artistry / Re: Are these graphics any good.
« on: 2009-01-31, 11:48:32 PM »
I thought I should share this.

edit: and remove that ugly signature I've been plaguing all the old threads with.
(1) LOL I thought freewebs gave me viruses.
(2) memories...

Off-Topic / Re: happy birthday bluemonkmn! :D
« on: 2008-01-31, 03:44:54 PM »
Oh ..damn
I missed it again.
Happy really late (at least it's still January, ..on this side of the dateline..*laughs at Jam0864*) birthday Ben.     ;D

Game Development Artistry / Re: Are these graphics any good.
« on: 2007-12-15, 03:54:05 PM »
Oh my god. I quadruple posted in this topic numerous times...
*feels very ashamed of self* :-[
I was such a little idiot internet noob when I was 12...those were good days though, I learned a lot, mainly thanks to this forum.

Projects / Re: Intensifidation
« on: 2007-11-11, 04:58:46 PM »
"Warning: this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days.
Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic."

^^haha, pwnt.^^

Holy smokes - I triple posted here...
*is ashamed of nooby self*
I haven't been on these forums in ages...Viewing these topics makes me want to go start making a new game...

Off-Topic / Re: PS3 Protein Folding
« on: 2007-08-24, 02:47:07 PM »
PS3's are amazing...
I've seen so much on YouTube about them..

Off-Topic / Re: my poor website
« on: 2007-08-24, 02:39:31 PM »

Does this message come up when you're submitting information through a form on your site? If so, it's because the form 'action' isn't set up right...I don't really know how to do this...But I know it never works with forms that the information isn't run through a different website...(ie. Freewebs form creator send the information to freewebs, who sends it to your email) Don't know how much that made sense, but I hope you get something out of it.

Off-Topic / Re: animation program using paint
« on: 2007-07-22, 02:31:58 PM »
Best free graphics manipulation software outhere = GIMP (
It's...amazing, for being free. I suppose it can be quite complicated to learn though. Anyways, it does have functionality for animated GIFs if that's what you're going for.

Game Development Artistry / Re: drawing characters
« on: 2007-04-07, 07:44:31 AM »
Google Sketch Up is just CAD software. I remember my dad downloaded it once...

General Discussion / Re: A sample project
« on: 2007-03-31, 04:46:26 PM »
I'm on high speed now...Besides, can't you see I'm having the same problem as you.

General Discussion / Re: A sample project
« on: 2007-03-31, 08:30:25 AM »
I know. I was using UltimateZip to extract and the error was from UltimateZip.

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