Author Topic: Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.2.2 Released  (Read 5231 times)


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Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.2.2 Released
« on: 2012-02-12, 10:34:45 AM »
New in this version

1. Implement Mobile device (touch interface) template project in Mobile.sgdk2.
2. Allow the generated HTML file to be customized via an .html template file in the project's source code folder.
3. Implement the ability to generate separate JavaScript files per object (for each sprite definition and each map) when exporting HTML5 code.
4. Remember settings in the HTML5 export window and re-use them when appropriate.
5. Corrections to improve/implement support for HTML5-based projects targeting mobile devices.
6. Prevent default handling of HTML5 touch events to improve behavior of project on mobile devices.
7. Generate the HTML5 page title from the project title instead of from the project filename.
8. Implement some rules to provide basic support for mouse/touch input handling.
9. Implement GeneralRules.Clicked rule function to determine if the mouse was just clicked or touch interface was just touched.
10. Implement MapMouseToSprite for HTML5 projects.
11. Enhance MapMouseToSprite rule function to allow specifying the sprite's hotspot relative to the mouse position.
12. Eliminate automatic hard-wired map dragging in HTML5 output and replace it with a DragMap function that allows the project to control this behavior.
13. Implement tileTouchingIndex in HTML5.
14. Halt the HTML5 export process if a compile error occurs in the .NET code because the export process relies on some .NET reflection to generate proper output.
15. Improve the way dynamic sprites are added to sprite categories in HTML5 generated code so that initially empty categories will work.
16. Don't try to execute rules on sprites that have no rules in the generated HTML5 code.
17. Improve code generation for suspended rules (especially when suspended rules affect indentation).
18. Correct bugs in the HTML5 implementation of the Sprite.blocked function.
19. Improve error handling when extraneous End rules exist for sprite or plan rule sequences.
20. Exclude sprite and plan rules from the temporary compile that is performed while exporting HTML5 code.
21. Correct ClearInputs rule function implementation for HTML5.
22. Implement SetInputsTowardSprite and SetInputsTowardCategory functions for HTML5.
23. Improve .NET code's tracking of old mouse position.
24. Correct HTML5 save function when saving all maps without explicitly including any maps in the save unit.
25. In the message that initially pops up inviting the user to access the help file, explain how the help file may need to be unblocked.


See the Mobile Device / Touch Interface / iPad demo:

I hope to update the list of HTML5-supported function soon, but at the moment that list still reflects 2.2.1 functionality.  I will post a link to it when it is updated again.


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Re: Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.2.2 Released
« Reply #1 on: 2012-02-12, 05:30:35 PM »
Nice implementations and the mobile device functionality will be promising a broader range of developers.