Author Topic: The Crowdsourced Game  (Read 342580 times)


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Re: The Crowdsourced Game
« Reply #120 on: 2012-05-25, 09:33:10 AM »
I was looking at the YouTube video, and noticed that not only do you have an IotaBuildIt ad (Looks nice), but you also seem to have a large amount of people supporting IotaBuildIt from the comments and likes... is TigSource the first place you've advertised this or were all of the feedback comments on YouTube from SGDK forum members?


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Re: The Crowdsourced Game
« Reply #121 on: 2012-05-25, 10:04:22 AM »
The comments and likes were there before I posted on TIGSource. I ran an adwords/youtube video advertising campaign from Saturday through Tuesday, which got a lot of attention to the video. I had a $50 credit in my adwords account (from a free promition) and used $20 of it for this. Seems to have worked well.

What I find interesting/odd/nice is that I think the only way to get that link panel at the bottom of the beginning of the video is via the advertising interface, and it didn't go away when the ad campaign ended.