Author Topic: How are you all doing?  (Read 8902 times)


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Re: How are you all doing?
« Reply #15 on: 2012-12-10, 12:41:46 PM »
Cool looking project Vincent! I've always wanted to learn how water is rendered as a wavy plane in OpenGL.


I had no idea that I was speaking with a martial arts master of 3D game development.  ;D


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Re: How are you all doing?
« Reply #16 on: 2012-12-10, 02:45:11 PM »
@#Sharp:  Thx! I have not investigated how water is done.  I used a Filter that was done by a member of the jMonkeyEngine team.  As I understand it, a lot of the work is done in the OpenGL shader.  There is a blog post about it.  I basically just wrapped the water system in my tools.
Blog post:

And thx, but I'm far from being a martial arts "master".  Besides, I don't really like the word "master".  I think a master is someone who, well, doesn't learn anymore.  It sounds boastful.  There is so much to learn in martial arts, I don't think anyone can surpass being a student.  More or less advanced of course, but always a student. :)  If you meet someone who pretends he's a master, he probably doesn't know enough to realize he knows nothing. :p
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