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Re: Samantha's Game
« Reply #30 on: 2005-12-08, 08:13:40 AM »
I fretted and deliberated over the rating for quite a while.  It was better than most of the 2 star games. But there were some pretty good 2 star games that I couldn't justify ranking below this game.  Maybe I need a more precise or more generous rating system.  I think most of my 2 star games might actually be 3 star games, and many of my 3 star games might actually be 4 star games.  One thing to keep in mind is that any number of stars is a positive thing.  The only reason to grant any game even 1 star is because I think it has some real merit to make it worth playing.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you're competing against some pretty serious projects.  GuildHall turns out some pretty professional work created by teams of developers, and most of those even get only 3 stars (mostly because the students don't have time to make anything longer than a demo in a semester).

The fact that I feel bad about giving a low number of stars to projects that I think are better suggests that I need a better rating system and/or all my existing ratings are off (my initial reaction to this game is that it should be a solid 3 stars, but compared against my existing ratings, that didn't work out).  But I haven't taken the time and effort necessary to work it out.

I would like to hear opinions about my ratings in general.  I think I'll make a new post for that question.