Author Topic: Ma new years resolution...  (Read 1374 times)

Zorb Burger

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Ma new years resolution...
« on: 2005-12-16, 12:14:49 PM »
and critmas present fer yall... :'(

i c i not be wanted er, so i gots to say sry to everone...  sry

i done remove ma hate list;  wit dat i be removin' ma self too... :'(
last few werds fer teh guys i teased...

durnurd:  ya smrter dan me, so dat be y i made fun of ya.  and ya not so bad(i guess), u jus be givin' out advic!!!
cbass: jus met ya las nite, an i wer fun pickin on ya, but lik everone els, ya tok it teh rong way. sry, buddy.
billybob884:  i not be meanin teh pee u off.  i jus though yall wer bord, so i tryed to be helpin!
Bluemonkmn:  Teh big CHEESE!! :D  sry fer messin round wit teh boards, i just... well... i don no.
Gamedeveloper:  did no mean teh critsize yer gam... i played i tough it wer fun.  turk too. :)

1 las werd from, Zorb Burger... Dayuumm!! :D