Author Topic: SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards  (Read 25054 times)


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SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards
« on: 2007-06-20, 05:04:57 PM »
SourceForge is encouraging project administrators (such as myself) to pass on the word about the SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards.  There are a number of categories in which a project can win recognition including "Best Project", "Best User Support", "Best Technical Design", "Best Tool or Utility for Developers" and "Best Project for Gamers" to name a few.  I encourage you to go to the SourceForge project pages for Scrolling Game Development Kit and nominate this project in the categories you think are appropriate.  In order to avoid splitting votes for Scrolling Game Development Kit across two versions, I would encourage everyone to vote for SGDK2, the newer version currently in the works, as I hope it's now in a state where you can all see that it will be clearly better in many ways than version 1, but if you feel that version 1 is a better contender is some categories, feel free to nominate version 1 as well.  Here are links to the SourceForge project homepages for the two projects from which you can find a means to nominate the project for this recognition:

Scrolling Game Development Kit 1:
Recommended Nominee --> Scrolling Game Development Kit 2:

I believe you can nominate the same project in multiple categories if you go through the nomination multiple times, so please consider nominating SGDK2 for all the categories in which you think it deserves recognition.

EDIT: Since this is a nomination process, I don't think there's any reason to worry about splitting nominations between the two projects, go ahead and nominate them both if you think they're both deserving in a particular category. We can worry about one over the other when it comes to the actual voting, if both projects are listed on the ballot for a particular category.
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