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My Future
« on: 2010-05-05, 07:04:33 AM »
Hey you all. I just want to let you know of what my plans are for the future.

After a whole year's hiatus I'll start working on RANAT again starting in June. I have yet to decide whether it will be on SGDK 1 or 2. (most likely 1, since it is already 1/2 way done there). I am expecting a lot of college homework, so I'll try my best to work on it weekends and update once every month. I'm going to take my time on this one and finish it when it gets done. Expect this (or not) to be released Q1 2012.

I have started a YouTube channel exclusively for uploading my gaming videos. Here I will upload some of my updates as well as some college projects like Unreal Levels. It is

My other projects, 2wenty Dungeons and Codename: Midnight, are projects I want to work on once I finish College. I have not decided if they will be on SGDK or not.

But other than that, I probably won't be visiting very much (although nothing much is happening right now).

So until my next update,
Looking to the skies.....