Author Topic: Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.2.8 Released  (Read 3881 times)


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Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.2.8 Released
« on: 2012-10-20, 06:28:49 AM »
Thanks to comments from the forum's newest member (SakimotoFanboy), I discovered a couple problems that have slipped by all the previous SGDK2 releases unnoticed and fixed them. I also remembered that some other bugs had been reported in the project's bug tracker and corrected a bug that may have prevented the IDE from starting up under Mono. Details:

1. Avoid fatal error when right-clicking in project tree where there is no node.
2. Add Ctrl-S shortcut to Save menu item in file menu.
3. If splash form transparency fails for any reason (running under Mono), ignore the error.

The SourceForge release and the ClickOnce installer have been updated. People using ClickOnce can simply select "Download Updates..." from your tools menu.


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Re: Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.2.8 Released
« Reply #1 on: 2012-10-28, 05:31:05 PM »
Looks great. I love the ClickOnce installer (so simple!!!)