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Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-06, 02:54:05 AM »
While I'm here (or, actually, up there - I can't see an edit button) I might aswell ask for everything I'm thinking of. The character will go left and right and hit things. When he's hitting, he will be deadly, but will get hurt when normal. While I'm here I might want to have him blink for a minute and be invincible when hurt, for a brief moment.

Yeah, its a bit much, but I'm on a tight schedule and it was years since I last used SGDK.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-06, 12:21:30 AM »
For some reason everything I tried refused to co-operate. But it worked just fine when I loaded it up this morning.

OK, here's where we're at now... I want to make a platform game, like SHFL. But I can't figure out how to make the character like Mario. Its probably obvious, but I'm stumped, again! I've tried everything I can think of.

Game Development Artistry / Request: Loads of graphics needed
« on: 2008-03-05, 04:35:23 PM »
For my project, I will need lots of graphics. They will need to be indoor graphics of the 2D variety. Each "floor" of the house is 128 pixels high and 2080 pixels wide (the tiles are individually 32x32). The feel I am going for is an apartment complex, or a Victorian style mansion. There are 68 floors in the house, one entranceway, one "closed" floor and three basement floors. The basement floors are slightly wider. Between each floor is a 32 pixel high barrier which serves as both the ceiling for one floor and the actual floor for the other. There is also the top of the buildings roof which is visable and the outside, night sky. In addition to this, there are a few (but not many) ground level tiles for outside, like concrete steps.

If you can help by contributing one floor or level, or even just a section of one, or if would like to know more about the project please, please drop me a line. This will need to be urgent as the project has a strict deadline. If you know anyone that can help, please contact me.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-05, 06:36:54 AM »
Yep, that was the problem. I had all of the... branches extended (?)

Now this is just a general help topic:

I have a map which is 75 tiles wide and 380 tiles tall (the tiles are 32x32 like the tutorial) but I can't keep the player on screen. Especially during vertical scrolls. I start at the top of the map and drop, it takes a while but eventually the screen has an epileptic fit (but scrolls) but its all jerky and horrible, not to mention the player is some several kilometres below vision. The horizontal scrolling is fine, but the vertical scrolling has me beyond stumped.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-04, 07:38:58 PM »
Turns out when I installed the latest version, it didn't override the previous version. So a complete uninstall followed by a new re-install updated the program

But now, following the same tutorial from above, on step "13, b"
it says:

Select the star tile in the bottom pane and notice that its frameset index is #2 in the status bar.

but its not in the bottom pane. its in the top. Then "13, c" says:

In order to replace this tile with one that has a background, we'll override tile number 2: Select "New Tile" from the Tileset menu or the toolbar next to the "Mapped Tiles" dropdown box.

But there is no tileset menu. There is one called Tiles, but it doesn't have a New Tile option. Not only that, but there is no toolbar or Mapped Tiles dropdown bar. I'm afraid this step has me more than well and truly stumped.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-04, 04:04:20 PM »
Scrolling Game Development Kit 2.0.0 - same one available from the site.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Re: Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-04, 04:30:03 AM »
I tried again from scratch, but ended up at the same place. I think it has something to do with the way they all seem to belong to the first rule. I clicked 'new' a few more times after this, but they all combined. In a fresh project with nothing else in it, they all started seperate, but joined together.

Projects / 2-Player Pong
« on: 2008-03-04, 02:14:43 AM »
This was years ago, but since I've just gotten back on the wagon, so to speak, I thought I'd mention it...

For a laugh, and a bit of a challenge, I thought I'd make a two player game. I settled on Pong, because it was simple enough. The left paddle was controlled with two of the letter keys and the right paddle was up and down. One character was a player, but the other was a sprite. By pressing the correct key, it "moved" up, or down.

The "border" of the game was a sprite. Because I couldn't simply make a tile to bounce a sprite off, it had to be this way. For some reason I did it a certain way that each horizontal line at the top and bottom of the screen had to be three sprites, two of equal length and one extra. The ball, when it hit invisible sprites on the left and right of screen would add a score to the correct side. Then it would start from on one of three paths and it had 100% inertia, so it kept going.

Unfortunately, the game was very dull. It didn't move fast and every time you hit it, or it hit something, it bounced at exactly 45-degrees. The reason I didn't post it was because if it hit one of the three wall sections (either on top or bottom) it would shift that section of line out of whack. I never posted it, because I couldn't fix it and didn't want to post an unfinished example, no matter how ambitious two-player was.

I am pretty sure the project has been lost to the ages now.

Help, Errors, FAQ / Tutorial
« on: 2008-03-03, 05:40:47 PM »
Hello everyone.

Just started re-using SGDK (very impressed with BenMarty for the latest version) and have been having trouble getting back in "the groove". I tried to find an included tutorial similar to the SGDK1 tut, but couldn't. I found this, however and have been going at it, but step "10, d, i" states:

Select "Do" from the first dropdown and "CalculateRotatedState" from the second dropdown.

But there doesn't seem to actually be a CalculatedRotateState available.

It isn't that big of a deal, since my project will use left-right states only, but I thought I'd ought to bring this up for future users who might get stuck there.

Off-Topic / Re: Some code
« on: 2006-12-01, 12:27:02 AM »
Don't suppose you've still got that random number program laying around, do you Ben?

Off-Topic / Some code
« on: 2005-09-13, 06:38:16 AM »
Thanks man! Would have rocked if it had Random Number in the title thing, whatever its called.

I don't want the source code. I don't understand that stuff, besides I have no use for it.

Its not for my homework.

I used to be Faithless-TheWonderboy on the old forum. But now since I've moved on I've become a game reviewer! Thing is, I've got so many games to review I wanted to pick one at random. So I wanted a random number thing to pick which game to play. I put in how many games I've got and it picks a number, so I play whatever game corresponds.

There ya go. :)

Off-Topic / Some code
« on: 2005-09-12, 11:18:24 PM »

Wondering if you could code a program that looks like this:
so you type one number in one side and one number in the other side then click the button and it picks a random number between them.

Can you compile it to an .exe? My version of VB killed itself the other day and besides I never used it anyway so I uninstalled it.

Off-Topic / Batman Begins
« on: 2005-07-06, 07:36:12 AM »
Woah buddy. No need to jump up and down, I was being sarcastic.

Off-Topic / Batman Begins
« on: 2005-07-06, 07:26:17 AM »
You kids. No attention span now days.

Off-Topic / Batman Begins
« on: 2005-07-06, 05:56:45 AM »
Gone With The Wind is great.

Its worth it if you stick it though. Its just like watching a bunch of mini movies all starring the same people...

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